How to Look for the Best Guinea Pig Travel Carrier


Guinea pig or cavy is a kind of rodent species. It belongs to Caviidae family and Cavia genus. Many people keep this small and attractive animal as their pet. Pet is unbelievable since they can boost your good mood. A small pet like guinea pig is easy to bring, but how do we bring it? Yes, guinea pig travel carrier is the answer. This travel carrier helps us to transport your lovely guinea pig anywhere outside of your home.

guinea pig

Guinea Pig

Everyone who has guinea pigs as their pet must have at least one guinea pig travel carrier to accommodate this cute pet. If you get confused on how to choose the best travel carrier for your guinea pig, these tips may help you:

  1. Consider the Size

In looking for the best guinea pig travel carrier, try to have hard-sided cat travel carrier. Animal travel carrier in that size will be able to accommodate a pair of guinea pig. Don’t choose a very big travel carrier since your guinea pig will slide around the travel carrier.

Guinea Pig Travel Carrier

Guinea Pig Travel Carrier

  1. Consider the Security

Choose a guinea pig travel carrier that has at least one secure lock at its door. The secure locking system is important since a secure lock at the top opening will help you to feed your pet safely while it’s on the carrier. Meanwhile, the front door safety lock will avoid your pet from escaping.

  1. Consider the Comfort

If it’s possible, choose a guinea pig travel carrier that has a comfortable carrier floor. However, you can still offer comfort for your lovely pet by adding a clean towel or pee pads on the carrier floor. Don’t forget to clean it up as soon as your guinea pig seems to be uncomfortable at its travel carrier.

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